CodeCraft now has a twitter account which I will use for frequent updates about new features. I think Twitter is a nice fit for this, and I should also be able to integrate the feed into the website which is neat. I will still use this blog whenever I have more substantial content.

4 thoughts on “@CodeCraftGame”

  1. Do you have an e-mail to file bugs?
    If a harvester is killed in the process of harvesting, than that node becomes “poisoned.” Other harvesters will try to harvest it, but will get a warning that it’s “in use by another harvester.”


      1. Awesome. This has been fun to play with. It would be cool if we could see Python support one day, but I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with other things.


      2. Maybe the best way to get good Python support would be to create a wrapper around the JVM version using something like Py4J. I don’t think I will have the bandwidth for that anytime soon, but if anyone else wants to take this on I’d be happy to help them out.


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